Factory Introduction

Ningbo Yinzhou Shuntong hydraulic equipment co., Ltd. is located in Yinzhou Hengxi town industrial park, Ningbo city, only 40 kilometers from China's second largest port beilun port.The traffic is very convenient, can fully ensure the rapid transportation of goods. At present, the company has 50 employees, Expect the operation staff, we also have technical personnel, QC, warehouse management personnel, packaging personnel and logistics support personnel. Among them, there are 5 QC, who are mainly responsible for inspection and final inspection. The company's large equipment is mainly sawing machine, punching machine, Numerical control lathe, bending machine, laser cutting plotter, etc. The laser cutting plotter can be adjusted product identification according to the needs of customers.

Generally speaking, the production of a standard hydraulic part includes the following steps: sawing, punching, CNC, bending, galvanizing, final inspection and packaging. Inspection runs through the whole operation process to ensure product quality and work efficiency. In the galvanizing link, the product can reach the standard of no rust within 96 hours, red rust for 96 to 120 hours, and red rust for more than 120 hours in salt spray test.


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