Hydraulic Interlock Fittings

We are a professional manufacturer of Hydraulic Interlock Fittings. Since its establishment in 2012, Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. has won the trust of customers with its strong technical team and diligent young service team. Our company produces various types of hydraulic hose joints and transition joints, including inch, American, metric and other threaded joints, straight, 45 degree angle bend, 90 degree angle bend, tee series and other products, materials include carbon steel plated Zinc, stainless steel, copper, etc.

High-quality Hydraulic Interlock Fittings are mainly used in industrial systems such as instrumentation, industrial, nuclear power, pneumatic, oil and gas, and marine engineering semiconductors. Why choose our Hydraulic Interlock Fittings, we can assure you of high-quality product quality, professional service, and timely after-sales guarantee. We delight our customers with professional, high-quality, flexible deployments.

The company adheres to the quality policy of "scientific and technological innovation, full participation, continuous improvement, and mutual satisfaction", and continuously meets customer quality requirements. Our Hydraulic Interlock Fittings are quality checked and relentless in pursuit of high quality.
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  • Interlock hose fittings are for hoses that have two structures: one locking and the other sealing, both inside and outwardly. As a result, among all the hose ends, interlock fittings provide the strongest connection between the hose and the fitting. Shuntong, China's leading hydraulic hose fittings manufacturer, can provide high-quality interlock hose fittings,such as Interlock 90°ORFS Female.

  • The Interlock 45°ORFS Female Hydraulic Interlock fittings works on the premise of skiving the hose both inside and externally to generate two zones: one locking and one sealing. The hose reinforcement is swaged together with the nipple and ferrule in the front of the fitting to create the locking. The sealing part of the fitting is on the back; it is made between the nipple and the inner tube. For hydraulic systems with particularly high pulsing pressure and safety concerns, the interlock fitting is recommended.

  • The principle of the interlock fitting,Interlock ORFS Female is that the hose is skived both internally and externally in order to create two zones: one locking and one sealing. The locking is created in the front of the fitting, where nipple and ferrule are swaged together with the reinforcement of the hose. The back of the fitting is the sealing part; the sealing part is created between nipple and inner tube. The interlock fitting is recommended for hydraulic systems with very high pulsating pressure and requirements of safety.

  • We make standard and interlock hydraulic fittings in accordance with ISO and SAE standards, the goods are available in carbon steel or stainless steel, and we can also manufacture them to the customer's specifications. All of our goods such as Interlock 90°JIC Female 74°Cone Seat are thoroughly tested throughout the manufacturing process until they reach the finished product, which is distinguished by high resistance and other special treatments that the customer requests.

  • Shuntomng Ningbo Yinzhou Hydraulic fittings link hoses, pipes, and tubes in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic equipment is typically mobile and operates at high pressures. In order to perform safely and successfully in their specific applications, Interlock 45°JIC Female 74°Cone Seat hydraulic fittings must be strong, versatile, and dependable. These fittings are usually restricted by strict rules regarding their construction, size, and pressure ratings. To meet your needs, we provide a diverse range of fittings.

  • Ningbo Yinzhou Shuntomng Hydraulic fittings are parts used in hydraulic systems to connect hoses, pipes, and tubes. Hydraulic equipment is frequently not a fixed system and operates at high pressures. Interlock JIC Female 74°Cone Seat hydraulic fittings must therefore be sturdy, adaptable, and dependable in order to function safely and successfully in their particular applications. The construction, dimensions, and pressure ratings of these fittings are normally governed by rigorous regulations. We provide a large selection of fittings to fulfill your requirements.

Do you want Hydraulic Interlock Fittings made in China with Reasonable Prices and Quick Delivery? NINGBO YINZHOU SHUNTONG HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is definitely your good choice. We are known as one of the most famous Hydraulic Interlock Fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. Our factory produces high quality and cheap Hydraulic Interlock Fittings with First-class Design, which can be customized and wholesale in bulk. You are welcomed to contact us and buy what you need with our quotation and free sample. We have different kinds of products in Stock for you to choose from.
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