Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulics has been manufacturing Hydraulic Hose Fittings for 10 years. Our professional services have solidified their markets for our clients. Our company produces various types of hydraulic hose joints and transition joints, including inch, American, metric and other threaded joints, straight, 45 degree angle bend, 90 degree angle bend, tee series and other products, materials include carbon steel plated Zinc, stainless steel, copper, etc.

High-quality Hydraulic Hose Fittings are mainly used in industrial systems such as instrumentation, industrial, nuclear power, pneumatic, oil and gas, and marine engineering semiconductors. By choosing ourHydraulic Hose Fittings, we can assure you that our products are of good quality and timely after-sale guarantee. We delight our customers with professional, high-quality, flexible deployments

We supply premium Hydraulic Hose Fittings to customers from Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and many more. The company has passed the international quality management system certification, and has all kinds of high-tech personnel and management personnel, which can provide customers with the best service in the most effective time.
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  • Hydraulic hose Mt Staple lock Male transports hydraulic fluids like oils and water to and from hydraulic components including pumps, valves, cylinders, and other machinery. Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulic can provide a wide selection of hydraulic and industrial hose to fulfill the needs of its customers. Our focus is about consistent and unwavering professionalism, service and quality. And that’s why many Shuntong clients have retained their partnership with us.

  • Metric Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings, including BSPP, BSPT, double connector are available. Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulic BSP Banjo create strong, durable, leak-free connections and are extremely resistant to vibration. All SAE, ISO, and DIN standards are met or exceeded. Vibrations in your hydraulic system are reduced thanks to the cutting ring design. In 2012, we began exporting directly for the first time. We insist on using the highest quality materials and rigorously testing our products in accordance with our quality control system. Our ultimate goal is to make business easier.

  • Ningnbo Shuntong Hydraulics specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of global hydraulic hose fittings, including high-quality hose fittings, Metric Female Water wash inserts, and has nearly ten years of industry expertise. To ensure product quality, affordability, and delivery time, we have our own forging plant where all raw materials and completed products are created. To reduce the defect rate, we undertake inspections after production and before delivery.

  • Permanent crimp fittings are specifically designed for our wire-reinforced hydraulic hose in our hydraulic fittings series. The Bite-the-Wire design of Shuntong permanent crimp fittings promotes connection retention. They work with all four and six wire hydraulic hoses, which helps to reduce inventory. All of our Metric Standpipe Straight hydraulic fittings are made of carbon steel with Chromium-6 free plating (stainless steel is available in select models). As a result, the fitting is exceptionally corrosion-resistant.

  • Hydraulic hose fittings are used to connect hydraulic hoses, tubes, and pipes to pumps, valves, cylinders and other parts of the hydraulic system. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. Our Metric Male 24°Cone Seat L.T. exported to Japan, Germany, UK, USA France, Sweden and Korea etc. The attention to detail, starting from the foundation is prominent to providing a high quality product to the customer or end user.

  • As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality 72011 BSP Banjo And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. We offer a full selection of Metric Hydraulic Adapters and Fittings, including BSP, BSPT, Metric, and 30° Seat.. Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulic BSP Banjo are highly resistant to vibration and create strong, reliable, leak-free connections. They meet or exceed all SAE, ISO and DIN standards. The cutting ring design dampens the effects of vibrations on your hydraulic system. Our team is also motivated, innovative, and ready to work with your business.We will always insist on the "quality first, customer first" purpose, warmly welcome customers to visit us and consultation.

Do you want Hydraulic Hose Fittings made in China with Reasonable Prices and Quick Delivery? NINGBO YINZHOU SHUNTONG HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is definitely your good choice. We are known as one of the most famous Hydraulic Hose Fittings Manufacturers and Suppliers in China. Our factory produces high quality and cheap Hydraulic Hose Fittings with First-class Design, which can be customized and wholesale in bulk. You are welcomed to contact us and buy what you need with our quotation and free sample. We have different kinds of products in Stock for you to choose from.
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