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  • As a key component of the hydraulic system, hydraulic hose accessories are not only the link connecting hydraulic components, but also a key factor in promoting efficient operation and innovation of the hydraulic system. In recent years, hydraulic hose accessories have continued to innovate in design, materials and performance to provide more powerful and reliable hydraulic solutions for various industries.


  • Hose adaptors play a crucial role in fluid systems, facilitating seamless connections and ensuring the efficient transfer of liquids or gases. From industrial applications to everyday use, these small but mighty components contribute to the reliability and functionality of a wide range of systems.


  • Hydraulic hose accessories are an indispensable and important part of construction machinery and hydraulic systems, and bear the key task of transmitting fluid power. They realize the normal operation of the hydraulic system by connecting hoses and hydraulic components, providing reliable power support for various industrial fields.


  • Hydraulic ferrules are small but essential components in the hydraulic system used to connect hoses to fittings.


  • NPT Male 60°Cone Seat One Piece Fitting is a type of hydraulic fitting primarily used in high-pressure applications to connect two different components in a hydraulic system. This fitting connects tubing to a female thread via a cone-shaped seal, offering secure and reliable connections under high-pressure conditions.


  • The forging process of hydraulic flanges generally consists of the following procedures. First, select suitable steel materials for blanking, then heat and form them, and then forge and cool. Forging processing methods include die forging and free forging. During processing, different processing methods should be selected according to the size of the hydraulic flange product and the number of products produced