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Wholesale newest durable one piece fitting in Bulk from SHUNTONG! NINGBO YINZHOU SHUNTONG HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is absolutely your great business partner! As a professional OEM, our factory produces First-class Design one piece fitting, which are not only of high quality, but also with Reasonable prices and quick delivery. You are welcomed to ask us for a quotation or free sample and we have varieties of products made in China In Stock for you to choose from. As one of the famous Manufacturers and suppliers, we acquired a vast amount of knowledge regarding many different technologies in this business and we are your reliable partner in this field.
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  • Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulic has provided our clients with hydraulic fluid fittings, hydraulic fluid parts, hydraulic industrial parts, hydraulic adapters, one-piece fittings, and other hydraulic components. Our Hydraulic Adapter SAE Male O- Ring Boss Hollow Hex Plug are used in many industries, including maritime, automotive, and power generation. High pressures, chemical corrosion, and temperature extremes are examples of situations where less durable materials may not provide adequate resistance over time.

  • Hydraulic components such as hydraulic fluid fittings, hydraulic oil fittings, hydraulic industrial parts. hydraulic excavator and BSP Male Double Used For 60°Cone Seat Or Bonded Seal One Piece Fitting are available from Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulic Equipment. Our BSP Male Double Used For 60°Cone Seat Or Bonded Seal One Piece Fitting are used in a variety of industries, including maritime, automotive, and power generation. They have a number of distinguishing characteristics, including:
    High temperature, acidic, and corrosive conditions resistance
    Additional protection against shocks and vibrations
    Improved sealing performance
    Design that will last a long time
    It's simple to replace when necessary.
    Construction equipment, shipbuilding machinery, production tools, and other items benefit greatly from Ningbo Shuntong accessories.

  • Shuntong Hydraulic Fittings and Adapters are ideal for a variety of applications and meet or exceed all SAE requirements. We have the most hydraulic adapter options , 90°Metric Female 24°Cone H.T. One Piece Fitting available in the industry. All-metal and O-ring fittings are the two most common varieties. Metal-to-metal contact allows an all-metal connection to seal against pressured fluid, whereas an O-ring hydraulic hose fitting forms a pressurized seal by squeezing the O-ring between the two matching sides. The threads on all hose fittings, however, are tapered. To produce a reliable seal, they use the stress generated by pressing the tapered threads of both fitting pieces together.

  • Our hydraulic hose fitting products includes: 45°Metric Female 24°Cone H.T. One Piece Fitting, SAE (JIC 37 degree, ORFS, flange) hose fittings, BSP hose fittings, NPT hose fittings, GB fittings, JIS fittings. Our parts are checked for quality assurance at multiple points of the manufacturing process to insure we supply the very best products to our customers. We perform hydraulic impulse and hydraulic pressure testing to guarantee safe and effective operation during field use

  • Customized Metric Female 24° Cone H.T. One Piece Fitting made in China. With our stainless steel hydraulic fittings, such as Sae Flange 3000 PSI One Piece Fitting, you can avoid corrosion. Our typical stainless steel is AISI 316 (food and medical grade), which is designed to resist corrosion. Marine - salt water, salt water mist in the air, food processing, fertilizer application, and chemical sprayers are all common applications.

  • Ningbo Shuntong Hydraulic Equipment offers hydraulic components such as hydraulic fluid fittings, hydraulic oil fittings, hydraulic industrial fittings, hydraulic couplings, and Metric Male 24°Cone H.T. One Piece Fitting. Many industries, including marine, automotive and power generation, use our Metric Male 24°Cone H.T. One Piece Fitting. They have a variety of key features, including:
    Resistance to high temperatures, acidic and corrosive environments
    Additional protection against vibration and similar shocks
    Improved sealing effectiveness
    Durable design for long service life
    No hassle to replace when needed
    Ningbo Shuntong accessories are an excellent addition to construction equipment, shipbuilding machinery, production tools, etc.

one piece fitting is our world popular product. Ningbo Yinzhou Shuntong hydraulic equipment co., Ltd. is located in the seaport city of Ningbo, the traffic is very convenient, our factory is only 40 kilometers away from China's second largest port beilun port. As a factory specializing in the production of international standard hydraulic fluid fittings, our product range is mainly for all types of one piece fitting, hydraulic hose fittings and transition fittings, including Inch, US, metric and other threaded fittings. The company set research and development, production, sales in one, has passed SGS ISO9001 quality system certification, import and export rights.